Symbol: FL55-875BL1
szt. Do przechowalni
Wysyłka w ciągu 2-4 dni roboczych
Cena przesyłki 2
Kurier 2
Dostępność Mało
Waga 13 kg

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The Neomounts by Newstar FL55-875BL1 is a mobile floor stand for displays up to 100" with a maximum weight capacity of 110 kg. The trolley has 65 cm motorized height adjustment (35 mm/second), is operated with a wired remote control and features an anti-collision system for extra safety. A lockable, ventilated hardware compartment with cable opening is included and optional for installation.  The trolley features practical handles and four solid 10 cm double locking caster wheels that allow you to move and use the floor stand wherever you like. Due to the large caster wheels, thresholds or carpets are no challenge to the FL55-875BL1. The open design wheelbase allows easy access to the (touch) display and enables easier movement around objects. The included cable duct, optional to install, conceal and route cables from floor stand to screen. A practical cable management bracket at the back of the trolley ensure easy and safe relocation. Additionally, at the bottom of the trolley a space with tie wrap holes is available to install a power strip.  The floor stand is packed partially pre-assembled, to ensure fast and easy installation. The display can be secured by locking the brackets using a padlock (not included). Additionally, the FL55-875BL1 is compactly packed for optimized transportation and storage.  The AFL-875BL1 videobar & multimedia kit is optionally available and enables the installation of a separate cam shelf and multimedia device shelf to the trolley. Included to the kit is an adapter for the Logitech Rally Bar (Mini). In addition, the multimedia shelf is suitable for installation of i.a. the Logitech Tap.
Kolor czarny
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Manufacturer NEOMOUNTS
Category Code MAS
CnCode 83021000
Głębokość opakowania wysyłkowego 110.5 cm
Ilość w opakowaniu 1
Jednostkowa waga brutto 49.6 kg
Jednostkowa waga netto 13 kg
Objętność brutto 0.1504 cubm
Szerokość opakowania wysyłkowego 22.5 cm
Waga opakowania wysyłkowego 49.6 kg
Wysokość opakowania wysyłkowego 60.5 cm
DDR3 1600/1333/1066/800 FL55-875BL1
Maks. waga 110 kg
Tekst na mowę Tak
Wskazówki dotyczące pasa ruchu Tak
300 mm x 300 mm Tak
Pasuje do rozmiarów ekranów 37-100"
Liczba ekranów 1
300 mm x 200 mm Tak
400 mm x 200 mm Tak
400 mm x 300 mm Tak
MiniSAS, ext Tak
600 mm x 300 mm Tak
600 mm x 600 mm Tak
800 mm x 400 mm Tak
800 mm x 600 mm Tak
Unit Box Height 0.605
Unit Box Length 1.105
Unit Box Width 0.225
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