Symbol: RLS6LADC-6
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Wysyłka w ciągu 2-4 dni roboczych
Cena przesyłki 9.99
Paczkomaty InPost 9.99
Dostępność Duża dostępność
Waga 0.15 kg

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Take the hands-off approach to cleaning with automatic emptying, mop washing, hot air drying, and water adding, that tackles tough messes throughout your home—so you don't have to. Dreame's DualBoost 2.0 efficiently circulates air, pushing it from one air duct and pulling it into the other, to quickly empty hair, dirt, and other small particles. Get clean and dry mops after every cleaning session. L10 Ultra automatically returns to the base station during cleaning to wash its mops and scrub them against studs in the removable base plate before continuing cleaning. When cleaning is complete, it washes its mops again and dries them in the base station. Keep maintenance at a minimum, clean floors at a maximum, and bad odors a non-issue. With 5,300Pa of powerful suction,as well as a bristleless rubber brush, L10 Ultra removes dirt and debris from nooks and crannies. When it's time to vacuum, L10 Ultra boosts suction to better pick up pet hair and clean deeper. With upgraded LiDAR navigation as well as carpet recognition technology, L10 Ultra rapidly generates an editable 3D map to clean your home and raises its mopping pads up to 7mm whenever carpets or rugs are encountered. The Dreamehome app and Alexa, Siri, and Google Assisant compatibility put personalized cleaning at the ends of your fingers and the tip of your tongue. Segment rooms, set no-go zones, create cleaning schedules, and more via the app or say the word to start, stop, and pause cleaning with your favorite voice assistant.
Kolor biały
Manufacturer DREAME
Category Code VCR
CnCode 85081900
Głębokość opakowania wysyłkowego 64 cm
Ilość w opakowaniu 1
Jednostkowa waga brutto 18 kg
Jednostkowa waga netto 12.2 kg
Objętność brutto 0.1328 cubm
Szerokość opakowania wysyłkowego 41.5 cm
Waga opakowania wysyłkowego 18 kg
Wysokość opakowania wysyłkowego 50 cm
Nazwa modelu DreameBot L10 Ultra
Bateria Lithium-Ion rechargeable
Pojemność baterii 5200 mAh
Pojemność zbiornika na wodę 0.08 l
Pojemność pojemnika na kurz 0.35 l
Unit Box Height 0.5
Unit Box Length 0.64
Unit Box Width 0.415
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