Symbol: RLS6LADC
szt. Do przechowalni
Wysyłka w ciągu 2-4 dni roboczych
Cena przesyłki 9.99
Paczkomaty InPost 9.99
Dostępność Duża dostępność
Waga 0.15 kg

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Automate your day-to-day cleaning and come home to just-cleaned floors that smell good and feel good. Stop spending so much of your time cleaning and start enjoying your home. Automatic dust collection, mop-cleaning and -drying, water-refilling, solution-adding, fast mapping, and path-planning all combine to make fully automated home cleaning a reality. AI-powered navigation ensures your whole home is cleaned efficiently and effectively, reducing missed spots, repeated cleaning, getting lost, or getting stuck. The advanced AI Action utilizes an RGB camera and 3D structured light to rapidly learn your home, tailor cleaning strategies, and auto-generate paths according to the type of obstacle, flooring, and room. Get cleaning sooner with fast mapping that generates a 3D map of your home. The auto-empty system utilizes our exclusive DualBoost 2.0 system to blow air into the robot’s dust box and vacuum it into a 3L dust bag. High-speed emptying, minimal noise, and virtually no clogging.
Kolor biały
Manufacturer DREAME
Category Code VCR
CnCode 85081900
Głębokość opakowania wysyłkowego 50 cm
Ilość w opakowaniu 1
Jednostkowa waga brutto 18.6 kg
Jednostkowa waga netto 12.6 kg
Objętność brutto 0.1343 cubm
Szerokość opakowania wysyłkowego 41 cm
Waga opakowania wysyłkowego 18.6 kg
Wysokość opakowania wysyłkowego 65.5 cm
Nazwa modelu L10S ULTRA
Pojemność baterii 5200 mAh
Pojemność pojemnika na kurz 0.35 l
Unit Box Height 0.655
Unit Box Length 0.5
Unit Box Width 0.41
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